In Bed With Joan is a no holds barred chat with Joan Rivers.
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Episode 54: Jenna Marbles

This week, Jenna Marbles (@Jenna_Marbles) jumps Into Bed With Joan! In this episode, they chat about why Jenna’s normal last name ruined her mom, the beginnings of her breakout YouTube channel, her Masters Degree in Sports Psychology and Counseling, and Jenna’s “FACE”.

Episode 53: Patti Stanger

This week, Patti Stanger – @pattistanger (of Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker”) jumps Into Bed With Joan! In this episode, they chat about some of Patti’s worst clients, the particulars of the wants of men and women, why Patti hasn’t gotten married yet, and why Joan had trouble as Melissa’s own matchmaker!

Episode 52: Bob Saget

This week, Bob Saget (@bobsaget) joins Joan In Bed! In this episode, they chat about Bob being a dirty-but-nice guy, being inspired by Charlie Chaplin and other legendary comics, screening videos for “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, and don’t forget to check out Bob’s new book “Dirty Daddy“!

Episode 51: Michaela Watkins

This week, Michaela Watkins from ABC’s “Trophy Wife” joins Joan in Bed! In this episode, watch how Joan reminisces about a her weekend spent with Kim and Kanye (check out the video thumbnail)! Michaela and Joan chat about Michaela’s busy career, getting out of Syracuse, getting fired from SNL, and some of Michaela’s favorite people to work with! And don’t forget to watch Michaela in “Trophy Wife”, Tuesdays at 9:30pm on ABC!

Episode 50: Chris Hardwick

This week, Chris Hardwick (@nerdist - The Nerdist himself!) jumps into Bed With Joan! In this episode, they chat about Chris’ “Nerdist” media empire, writing comedy when you’re too busy to, making death funny, Joan being unbanned from The Tonight Show, and make sure to watch Chris host “@midnight” every Monday – Thursday at 12am on Comedy Central!

Episode 49: Jeff Ross

This week, Jeff Ross (@realjeffreyross) joins Joan In Bed! In this episode, they chat about Jeff being the “Great Roastmaster” and making Bea Arthur cry, Jeff’s beginnings in stand up comedy, his addiction to Twitter, why pain makes you prepared for show business, and don’t miss Jeff’s new show “The Burn” on Comedy Central!

Episode 48: Kathy Griffin (Part 2) with Aubrey Plaza!

In this hilarious conclusion to Episode 48, Aubrey Plaza joins Joan In Bed with Kathy Griffin! In this second part, they chat about who to have sex with to have a better career in Hollywood, when Aubrey got a stroke in college, and the pleasures of getting arrested.

Episode 48: Kathy Griffin (Part One)

This week, Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) jumps Into Bed With Joan! In part one, they chat about what’s under Kathy’s pajamas, Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery, getting in trouble with the LGBT community, Walter Cronkite’s fetishes, and Kathy’s secret feud with Barbara Walters! Don’t forget – come back next week for part two!

Episode 47: George Kotsiopoulos

This week, fashion personality George Kotsiopoulos joins Joan In Bed! In this episode, they chat about George’s rise to fame, what happens to friends when you critique their wardrobe, payola in the red carpet fashion industry, and check out George’s new book “Glamorous by George: The Key to Creating Movie Star Style

Episode 46: Paul Rodriguez

This week, comedian Paul Rodriguez jumps into Bed With Joan! In this episode, they talk about comedy that plays to Mexicans, how Paul got into comedy after getting drafted into the Army, Paul’s famous skateboarding son Paul Rodriguez Jr, and doing comedy for the prisoners in San Quentin State Prison!