In Bed With Joan is a no holds barred chat with Joan Rivers.
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Episode 2: Nick Kroll

The hilarious comedian Nick Kroll (twitter), from FX’s “The League” and the new Comedy Central series “Kroll Show”, hops into Bed With Joan this week. They discuss the “rich tough” streets of New York, varying amounts of immigrant workers, making a living as a comedian, and more!

  • Elby Bee

    Don’t piss her off and you may get a GREAT coat out of the deal.

  • gerard763

    Absolutely hysterical!!! Love it..they were both so funny…

  • LeAnne Atutis

    haha! that last line was a killer. so funny :)

  • James Del Poukka

    Love you Joan!

  • Lynn

    What’s not to love–I adore Nick, I adore Joan, I should marry them both

  • mary

    great show!

  • Pat Woods

    Love Joan soo funny. She is an equal opportunity offender.

  • Andie B

    Yet another GREAT show… Thanks for the laughs

  • Speckintime

    Whatever happened to actresses why is everyone today ACTORS? Sadly I was very upset with Joan for putting her dog to sleep for farting. My dog fart’s all the time and I would never put him to sleep for farting, besides it would harder for me to blame the cat. I loved those stones around Joan’s neck, so shiny and smooth, no wonder she’s so strong, put a string of rocks around my neck like that and I’d fall over. I was surprised though that Joan never slept with anybody famous, I never heard of any of those people.

  • dangerous_curves

    What a venue; we tune in whenever we want. We don’t have to wait until 4pm, 11:30pm, 12:30am, we hop on the internet and there it is! It’s uncensored, it’s hilarious, it’s intimate, (it’s a bed, what more do ya want?) it’s fresh and a riot! Joan, climb in bed with em all, the funny the fabulous– it’s so d**n great! Keep it coming— Joan and Nick, I love you!! XO

  • Rachdejoy

    I heart Joan’s old ratchet ass.

  • gailyee

    So great to see an honest interview…as well as funny!!! I just love Joan!

  • jill

    Pee your pants hysterical!!!!!!