In Bed With Joan is a no holds barred chat with Joan Rivers.
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In Bed With Joan premiere preview and teaser!

In Bed with Joan is coming today, March 5th! Come back then for our first episode with Sarah Silverman. And here’s a little preview:

Sarah Silverman and Joan Rivers

  • Frédéric Espi

    Hi Joan,

    All the best with your new show !

    An idea would be to have “cyber guests” who would what with you by Webcam / skype laying on their own beds :)

    I’m dying to see the first episode !

  • Lori DeToma- Frank

    Big fan…….GOOD LUCK with your new show. Can’t wait to see you when you perform on Staten Island next month!!!!!!

  • Tim Warneck

    5 must-have guests:
    – Kathy Griffin
    – Betty White
    – Cher
    – Sharon Osbourne
    – Anderson Cooper

  • Jla

    I love you and your family! You always bring joy to my family. Thx, Joan

  • Hunter McMillian

    Can’t wait to watch the first show! You’re awesome!

  • Major Bond Holder

    In bed with Madonna!

  • Andie B

    Your amazing and I am so looking forward to your first of many shows to come <3

  • Betsy Besenick

    This. Is. FABULOUS! Who doesn’t love some good pillow talk? Good luck!!

  • Mordi Sparticus

    Another 5 must-have guests-
    Joan Collins
    Louise Woodward
    June from Honey BooBoo

  • Susan

    Skyping in bed with Joan-great idea! Would love to see Roseanne on the show and you could also have on some unknown up and comers-giving them some comic advice and exposure. Love the concept of this show and I am a huge fan. Joan, saw you in Atlantic City in early 1980’s-brilliant then, brilliant now!

  • disqus_C0bJBGSrmw

    Love, love love the show!!!! ….and you!!!!!

  • Speckintime

    Well I’m glad future shows are going to have pop ups telling us who these people are because that was confusing me. I also see Kato Kaelin came back, but I’m glad that little Jewish girl with the Spock eyebrows had the first show.