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Kelly Osbourne Episode Preview

Kelly Osbourne

Who’s next on the Bed? It’s Kelly Osbourne! Of course she needs no introduction, as she is all over media as a host, performer, fashion icon, and more! The episode will be coming out tomorrow, so get ready for a mini “Fashion Police” reunion on “In Bed With Joan”.


  1. Can’t wait, this will be ace ! Thank you Joan for being my ray of sunlight on a shitty day ! Still Laughing at your fat woman shark joke from Glasgow !

  2. Speckintime says:

    Before Joan & Melissa there was The Osbourne’s, the family was crazy as all hell but the love they shared with each other made the show such a hit. The love and chemistry Joan & Melissa share is much like the Osbourne’s the difference is where as Melissa is the straight act to Joan’s craziness The Osbourne’s were all crazy. Except maybe for Aimee Osbourne who avoided the craziness by staying off the show.

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