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Episode 6: Margaret Cho

The very funny and gregarious Margaret Cho (twitter) jumps In Bed With Joan this week! In this episode, they discuss dating Quentin Tarantino, why Margaret isn’t a nurse, “human anatomy”, and Margaret shows off her tattoos!

  • Andie B

    Thank you for yet another awesome episode <3

  • Michelle

    joan. i love you!

  • Deb

    Great show! Can I get tickets to be in the studio (bedroom) audience? ;)

  • Speckintime

    Way more information then I needed to know on the introduction.I always loved Margaret Cho she is always so funny.Glad to see she didn’t bad mouth anyone she had sex with.I don’t care about tattoos I just don’t like needles sticking in me, OMG Margaret Cho is a trip, hope she comes back to TV sometime, now I’ll have to look her up on YouTube.

  • Leslie Barnes

    I loved the episode. I have been watching them all on my phone. A great way to spend some time. Love you Joan. I watch all your shows fp joan and melissa . Now i watch these too xxoo love the old pics

  • Tammy Carter Inman

    Joan you rule! I have loved you since I was about 14 years old and I don’t ever miss an episode of Joan & Melissa! Keep em coming :)

  • Lee Lee

    Joan- you are such a gem! Just a hint… I would change that wallpaper, it looks a bit old fashion and you are anything but that! xox

  • mac1319

    Great interview!! I would love to see you host the Tonight Show. Margaret is right, you are the right woman for late night TV.

  • Claire Baxter

    Man I love you Joan these episodes just keep getting better and better :) love you love you love you xxx

  • moon starr

    Margaret…don’t want to hear about your menses..otherwise, you were funny.