In Bed With Joan is a no holds barred chat with Joan Rivers.
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Episode 7: Anthony Jeselnik

In this episode, the fantastic Anthony Jeselnik (twitter) joins Joan in Bed! In this episode, they discuss the rejected jokes not on “The Jeselnik Offensive“, comedy groupies, why being famous is better than being funny, and why you shouldn’t ever apologize for a joke.

  • Rachel McCormick Chatterton

    This is my fantasy come true.

  • NattieKatt

    Joan is my Idol & Jeselnik is so cute, They’re so funny & I love them both!

  • debbie

    jeselnik and joan!!!! loved the show

  • Terry Hirst Tipton

    Love Joan and all her adventures. In bed recooperating and this was refreshing, light humor not to really make me belt out and hurt my insicions. Anthonly is good and a cutie.

  • Andi

    Thank you for introducing Anthony Jeselnik to me, I’m gonna check out his show this week. ;)


    he should tell some houlicaust jokes in bed with joan. see if she thinks hes so funny. he is.

  • Teresa Garner