In Bed With Joan is a no holds barred chat with Joan Rivers.
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Episode 68: Brittany Furlan

This week, comedian and Vine star Brittany Furlan jumps In Bed With Joan! In this episode, they chat about how she lost her virginity, getting her first TV gig on “Reality Hell”, her rise to fame on the Vine app, and her adventures and scandals at the Daytime Emmys!

  • gordythreehorses

    rivers is a stupid, Nazi, Zionist, cunt, no wonder her old man offed himself. I’m surprised her face hasn’t cracked yet from all the plastic surgery and she still looks hideous. do every one a big favor, rivers, DIE! you’re just as bad as Hanoi jane fonda, plus a hack and a has been.

  • gordythreehorses

    also, you are soooooo funny, NOT!!!!!

  • Kandi Street

    Big fan of both women! Hilarious episode! I have been binge watching all the episodes of In Bed with Joan! <3

  • diana waren

    I am trying to send Joan Rivers a thank you note for being so kind in Italy in July to my Son, daughter in law & grand daughter who had just found out there luggage is not at the hotel.