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Episode 71: Bianca Del Rio

This week, the fabulous Bianca Del Rio jumps Into Bed With Joan! In this episode, they chat about Bianca winning RuPaul’s “Drag Race”, how to deal with haters, the wonderful divas of Broadway, and don’t miss Bianca’s “Rolodex of Hate Comedy Show”, touring nationwide!


  1. Jack Ballenger says:

    A+++ That was definitely one of the funniest episodes! Went by way too fast. Voting now to have Bianca as the first returning guest.

  2. kathryn_dc says:

    I agree with Jack Ballenger. I could have watched that all night! Bianca was so charming and beautiful. Good questions Joan! Well done.

  3. Best one yet…. We so need a Part 2

  4. Frank Joseph says:

    We definetly need a part 2 with Bianca del rio!! Too funny !! Loved it

  5. By far the funniest guest. For the first time, Joan was just enjoying the ride!

  6. Lisa Morris says:

    Love Bianca! Joan and Bianca together? One word….hysterical

  7. William Eugene Stoker Jr. says:

    That was the funniest episode to date, Miss Rivers!! I would think she would be great as a opening act for one of your concerts!! LOL, Bianca Rocks!!

  8. Miss Understood says:

    Best guest ever! Bianca should be Joan’s co-host.

  9. Aura Vides says:

    Bianca Del Rio ROCKS!!

  10. Brett Messmer says:


  11. Shawnee Johnson says:

    That episode was the absolute best….Joan and Bianca are great together….

  12. Bianca deserves that RPDR crown like no other! She is next-level wit and talent and a perfect fit with Joan! Have her back, please!!!

  13. Michael Lambert says:

    Omg Joan this was so funny. I was Googleing Bianca Del Rio when I came across this show. I’m now 5 episodes in and I’m going to watch them ALL!!!

  14. Funniest episode..ever..Def Joan influenced..This one needs to be on FP and give the show what it deserves. Joan and a panel of smart, witty people like this here character.

  15. disqus_W6sfZCiOd8 says:

    Very entertaining.. I will watch this again. To get the rest of the jokes.

  16. Loved this episode. – Hunter McMillian

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