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Episode 72: LeAnn Rimes

This week, LeAnn Rimes (@leannrimes) and Eddie Cibrian jump In Bed With Joan! In this episode, they chat about her beginnings on Star Search, being a child star, LeAnn’s new album, and don’t miss LeAnn and Eddie’s new reality show on VH1!

  • SF

    Joan is slipping. First Candace Cameron Bure, now these two yahoos. Disappointed in you, Joan.

    • Alex Pipe

      Oh come on. These are such type of guests who wouldn’t talk dirty and make fun of themselves. I’m totally blaming the guests,

      • PattiSluth

        I haven’t heard of LeAnn Rimes in ages…

        So I was looking forward to this interview…

        Yikes – didn’t impress me. In fact, she left a bad taste in my mouth.

        Bring back Anthony Jeselnik – he’s awesome in bed!

        • PattiSluth

          Damn Joan… I know I was a bit critical in my last post, but you didn’t have to go all emergency-room scare on all of us:>

  • Guest

    Get well soon, joan.

  • Reuven

    Get well soon, Joan.

  • Fatma

    Get well soon, Joan. We love you! The world needs your Humor!!! ;)

  • body count

    hey joan love you and please make a full and quick recovery,. the world still needs a place for you to make us laugh and love life

  • Barbara Richards

    Oh Joan … you are truly loved. I’m watching this last show by you and my heart just breaks. I wanted to see how you were just days before last Thursday morning and the biggest shock is that you were so aware and gorgeous at 81 years of age! You have to come back to us. You just have to. I have lost sleep since last Thursday waking up in the middle of the night checking out the latest updates on your condition. I’ve shed tears. I’ve never met you but somehow this has touched me so deeply. I remain on standby watching and waiting for a full recovery because I truly believe that there is a God and that He answers prayer. I love you Joan. A silent fan of yours for a very long time …. Barbara

  • Chance White

    R.I.P. joan was great good and funny we will all miss her

  • kendra

    I can’t believe this wonderful series of interviews ended with this one.

    • Elaine Meszaros

      I know right, Leann has a new Album coming out….It’s a remake of all the songs on her other albums. Ha Ha Ha, I think there is only one song that is hers. She is good at belting out other people’s music. She has no talent when it comes to actually writing her own music. By the way, don’t most of these people have people write their music for them? Wonder why she doesn’t do that either? Ahhhhh, Because she truly has no Talent!!!

      • gessiewtf

        be quiet and try and enjoy Joan RIVERS. Must the Brandi stans troll the internet incessantly for any opportunity to put down Leann Rimes? Sad.

      • Julie Luton

        Oh shut it…Leanne is a spectacular talent and you only wish you had something to bring to the table…Joan, you were a fabulous interviewer
        I loved everything you ever did, and now I will have to view these archived In Bed With Joan interviews, sadly and wish you could be with us again. God won, his newest angel with no filter is up there looking down on us all, probably critiquing our attire right now

    • Kat

      LeAnn Rimes sucks. Joan seemed to know that. Love Joan!

  • Pills

    I didn’t even know this show existed. Boo.

  • pita donger

    I know Joan is up in heaven mad thiat this was her last webcast

  • Leda

    I Love You Joan! I have watched you all my life, I laughed out loud sooo many times. You were such a strong woman. You made it happen! I learned a lot from watching all your programs. You always had an insatiable drive. You will be heart fully missed. Rest Well Dear Lady.

  • Alex Pipe

    Who knew it would be the last episode. Love you, Joan.

  • oaktowngal

    Joan, you were a great gift to the universe. What a hilarious, gutsy, brilliant lady. I have never laughed so hard as listening to you, whatever the venue. Love to
    you and your family and staff. I know your spirit is still with us and enjoying the commotion.

  • Wendy B

    So sad. It is over. Goodbye Joan Rivers

  • Kat

    Joan is amazing! I can tell she was bored with this ego idiot and her puppet/husband. Boring! Sorry for Joan.